"We are dedicated to reducing the number of rip current drowings at beaches throughout the world."   
Increasing Rip Current Awareness Through Education and Research.  
Dr. Stephen Leatherman
aka Dr. Beach 
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What is a rip current?strong>
Shown below:  Photographs 1-3 by Rob Brander, Photograph 4 by Dr. Stephen Leatherman.

Rip Currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore, capable of sweeping even the strongest swimmers out to sea and are often called “killer currents” for a good reason.  Although estimates vary, rip currents are responsible for approximately 100 deaths every year and probably thousands worldwide.  Through raising awareness and increasing understanding, we seek to dramatically reduce the number of fatalities from ths lurking danger. 
Rip Currents 101:
Learn all about rip currents, including:  what causes rip currents; how to recognize and escape a rip current; and what to do if caught in a rip current.
What are the warning signs?
»» Change in water color from surrounding water (either murkier from sediments, seaweed, and flotsam, or darker because of the depth of the underwater channel where the rip flows) »» Gap in the breaking waves, where the rip is forcing its way seaward through the surf zone »» Agitated (choppy) surface that extends beyond the breaker zone.»»Floating objects moving steadily seaward »» Temperature of water--water in the rip may be colder than surrounding water. 

The First Annual Rip Current Symposium  

The Rip Current Symposium was held on February 17-19, 2010, in Miami, Florida, with a focus on identifying advancements in rip current research to increase understanding about the dynamics, mechanisms, and predictability of rip currents; recognizing that improving  public understanding of rips that will reduce the tragic losses of life.   (Review The Materials)

This is not actually a rip current--just strong backwash, but I think it's a good example of what some people think are rips.  Sobering but pretty funny at the same time...for obvious reasons!
Dr. Beach’s Water Tracer
Dr. Beach's Water Tracer is a method of detecting surface water currents, especially life-threatening rip currents at surf beaches, has been developed. The water tracer is biodegradable and non-toxic.
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Photo: Water Tracers (Dye balls), which can easily be thrown tens of feet, are orange in solid form.  


In Memory of Giankarlo Squicimari   
We honor the memory of Giankarlo Squicimari, who unfortunately drowned
while attempting to rescue a young girl from a rip current.
Learn more about the Giankarlo Squicimari Foundation »»

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